Repertoire List

* This list will be updated by May 2021 for the July 2021 workshop – please check back soon. * For Group Classes and Play-In. Please practice as many of the below as you have learned so far! (Masterclass students, prepare any polished Suzuki piece of your choice.)


Bk 1 Twinkle Variations, French Folk Song, Perpetual Motion, Rigadoon

Bk 2 Minuet 1, Hunter’s Chorus, March in G

Bk 3 Lully Gavotte, Allegro Moderato

Bk 4 Chanson Triste; Bk 5 Danse Rustique; Bk 6 The Swan


Bk 1 Twinkle Variations, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Perpetual Motion, Bach Tanz

Bk 2 A Toye, Paganini Andante, Waltz

Bk 3 Greensleeves, Paganini Waltz, Carulli Etude

Bk 4 Giuliani Allegro; Bk 5 Maria Luisa; Bk 6 Damas Etude


Review 2 of your recent working pieces as well as Twinkle Theme.


Bk 1 Twinkle Variations, Song of the Wind, Allegro, Minuet 1

Bk 2 Chorus from Judas Maccabeus, Waltz by Brahms, Minuet in G by Beethoven

Bk 3 Gavotte by Martini, Humoresque by Dvorâk

Bk 4 Concerto No 5, 1st movement by Seitz, Concerto in A min. 1st Mvt. by Vivaldi

Bk 5 Concerto in G Min. 1st Mvt. by Vivaldi, Country Dance by Weber


Bk 1 working repertoire.

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