For Parents + Students

Weekend Suzuki Workshops

Stay tuned for info about upcoming events or contact us with inquiries!

Class Descriptions for our weekend Workshops:

Students (Lightly Row and up) meet with a renowned Suzuki clinician faculty and delve into personalized, in-depth work in a small group of peers. Topics include technique, musicianship, and practice advice – plus enjoyment and inspiration! Please prepare one memorized Suzuki piece of the student’s choice from their current repertoire to bring to the Masterclass. Parents/practice partners should plan to attend and observe.

Group Suzuki Classes

Students work with a dynamic and engaging clinician, building on their musical technique and skills while gaining fresh perspectives from a renowned teacher! Classes are grouped by instrument and level. Students will have a chance to play individually and to interact with faculty. They will also prepare repertoire together for the Play-In.


Students broaden their musicianship and learn new musical styles. Our offerings have included Dalcroze movement, folk song, Klezmer, Irish fiddle, conducting, and Blues piano. A Saturday evening faculty feature concert and Q&A is a recent addition to our weekends.

Piano Improv

Piano students stretch their creative muscles and gain confidence in the skill of improvisation.

Parent-Teacher Talk

Insightful conversations, practice advice, and community support for your Suzuki parenting and teaching journey, facilitated by a master Suzuki educator.

Advanced Class for Teens

Experienced string and guitar students expand their musical vocabulary. This class meets once per day, Saturday and Sunday, for all strings and guitars 13+ in books 4 and up.

Play-In and Final Concert

All students and faculty will gather, first by instrument for a traditional Suzuki Play-In of pieces from various books, then all together to present their group class pieces in a joyous finale.

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