About Us

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Our Mission

Guided by the Suzuki philosophy, NJ Suzuki Workshop fosters a supportive musical community by offering exceptional, affordable opportunities for music learning and enrichment to all students, teachers, and parents. 

What We Do

Founded in 1997, NJSW provides music education for students on violin, viola, cello, piano, and guitar guided by the philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, who believed that “Every Child Can!” Every year NJSW sponsors one or more official teacher trainings for teachers and prospective teachers. Our programs are open to families and teachers from any location. Looking ahead, we plan to offer both in-person and online workshops and events.

Thanks to donations from our supporters, we are able to offer multiple scholarships for children and teachers-in-training who require it to attend. The scholarship application includes a form and a teacher/mentor recommendation.

Who We Are

Here are some highlights of our organization:

  • The New Jersey Suzuki Workshop has been a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization since 2018 and is based in Mercer County, NJ.
  • February 2022 marked our 15th workshop as NJSW, and our fourth online.
  • Our administrative directors are experienced Suzuki music educators and serve as volunteers.
  • Our music education faculty are experienced and acclaimed educators in instrumental music, movement, early childhood, and teacher and parent education, and leading clinicians in the Suzuki community.
  • Our all-volunteer staff are instrumental in the smooth operation of the workshop.
  • Parents and guardians are also instrumental to helping each child have a successful experience at the Workshop, leading to a lifelong connection to music and the benefits and positive impact that brings.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access and Belonging

  • At New Jersey Suzuki Workshop, we reject racism and discrimination in all its forms. We work to authentically lift up voices of marginalized persons. We strive to reflect our diverse community in New Jersey and to create a safe space where families and teachers of all cultures can learn, create, collaborate, innovate, and grow alongside one another.
  •  We wish to continue evolving, so the following are some steps that we have taken in this direction in the past year:  Leadership have attended and participated in DEIAB seminars/trainings; NJSW has intentionally added clinicians to our faculty roster and plans to expand our Board membership; we have reached out to teachers serving families with income level under the household median and offered scholarships for both students and training teachers.  
  • We welcome input towards future actions that could strengthen our commitment to inclusivity, equality, and belonging.

Who We Serve

In person, we serve students, families, and teachers from New Jersey, the greater Philadelphia region, and southern NY. Online, we have been pleased to offer our Workshops to families and teachers around the world.

  • We reach an average of 75 students per Workshop from pre-K through teens in person, and an average of 40 online.
  • Parents and guardians observe the workshop classes and are empowered with tools to help their children learn and grow.
  • Teachers attain professional development and enrichment in their Suzuki training.

Our Board

Board of Directors:

Officers: Chair, Louise McClure; Secretary, Amy Zakar; Treasurer, Matthew Potts. Advisory Board: Nancy Modell, Aimee Morrill Briant, Mengwei Shen, Tomi Akinyanmi

Our Faculty

Some of our recent faculty have included:

Violin and Viola: Carlough Faulkner-Carroll (MA), Gabriel Remillard (CT), Shelley Beard (PA), Kathy McHugh (NY)

Cello: Shu-Yi Scott (TX), Marla Majett (GA), Jennifer Stomberg (DE), Abigail McHugh-Grifa (NY)

Piano: Nightingale Chen (CA), Nancy Modell (NJ) , Rebekah Waggoner (PA)

Guitar: Seth Himmelhoch (NJ)

Pre-Twinkle: Aimee Morrill Briant (NJ)

Enrichment – Blues: Carl Sonny Leyland (CA) , Klezmer: Steven Greenman (OH), Samba: Fabio Oliveira (NJ), Dalcroze: Bill Bauer (NJ), Folk Song: John Krumm (PA)

Parent and Teacher Education: Joanne Erwin (NJ), Calida Jones (CT), Kerri Williams (PA)

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